Power of Attorney is a term used in Common-Law States. In Civil Law, used in Louisiana, we call this document A MANDATE.

It is always best to make sure a Mandate is done as early as possible. Waiting until the last minute does not work, since one ever knows when the last minute will be for each of us.

There are different types of Mandates. There is a full Mandate, transferring ALL power to the agent, from the principal, or only some power.

There is a temporary mandate for custody, called a Provisional Custody by Mandate, which gives temporary custody for a minor for a limited period of time. This is good only for a period of time, or one year maximum.

Permanent custody of a child can only be done through an attorney, and must go through the court, using a judge to mandate permanent custody. **

** A senior or other person that is not of sound mind must be interdicted by a court, stating that the person in not capable of handling their own affairs, and someone will be named to handle their affairs for them.

PLEASE NOTE: Any dealings with children as it pertains to power of attorney or custody matters are normally done through an attorney, and go through the courts. The ONLY exception to this is a Provisional Custody form which is only for limited situations, and limited durations. Ask your notary for more information.