From Southland Mall, - mile North East toward St. Louis Canal Road. Pass the traffic light at the CONOCO station, and then it will be directly across the street from the Mobility Glass Shop, on the right. NOT THE GREEN ROOF.  The last set of brick buildings prior to St. Louis Canal Road. Look for small sign "Notary". If you come to another traffic light, you have gone too far.

Coming SW from Coteau Road, turn left just past the Fire House on left. Pass the traffic light, at St. Louis Canal Road, and make the first left turn after the light. Look for small sign "Notary". It will be the brick apartment buildings on the left.  Go straight back when you make the turn, and look for the sign on the right.  Unit D.

From Park Avenue or Main St, turn left on Bayou Gardens Blvd, follow directions above for Southland Mall.  

From Houma, follow 24 to the Mall, turn right on Bayou Gardens Blvd, and follow directions above from Southland Mall.

You can always call (985) 870-8896