July 16, 2019

NOTARY – THE PUBLIC OFFICER  What exactly is the Notary or Notary Public? What can he/she do actually? Who authorizes them to do what they do? Good questions all!  Let’s see if we can de-mystify these people!  First of all, the Notary is appointed to public office by the Governor of a state. The notary … Read more

What Do The Following Terms Mean?

May 17, 2019

WHAT DO THE FOLLOWING TERMS MEAN? Forced Heir – This would be a descendant of the first degree, that would be the daughter or son of a mother or father, who at the time decedent dies, has not attained 24 years of age, or are 23 and under.  Also, a forced heir can be someone older than 23 who because … Read more

Bond for Deed

March 26, 2019

BOND FOR DEED What Is a Bond For Deed?  A contract to sell real property, or a Movable like a car or truck, where the purchase price is paid to the vendor in installments, and the title remains in the name of the vendor until the purchase price is paid in full.   In a … Read more


April 16, 2018

SERVITUDES DEFINITION: A servitude is a charge or burden upon a thing, usually an immovable(real estate), for the benefit of another person or another estate.  Black’s Law Dictionary, 6th edition (1990).  It is closely related to the common law concept of easement. Kinds of servitudes Servitudes are either personal or predial.  La. C.C. art 533.  … Read more

Matrimonial Regimes in Louisiana

April 5, 2018

This is also called the Legal Regime: The Community of Acquets and Gains.   The legal regime applies to spouses domiciled in this state regardless of their original matrimonial domicile or whether the marriage was contracted in Louisiana.   For the purposes of this law, the following applies to Community Property. Property that comprises the community of … Read more



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