Matrimonial Regimes in Louisiana

This is also called the Legal Regime: The Community of Acquets and Gains.   The legal regime applies to spouses domiciled in this state regardless of their original matrimonial domicile or whether the marriage was contracted in Louisiana.   For the purposes of this law, the following applies to Community Property.

Property that comprises the community of acquets and gains is referred to as “community property”  This is covered under Civil Code (CC) article 2338.  Community property is

a) Property acquired during the legal regime
b)  generally, property acquired with community things, or acquired with community and separate things.
c)  property donated to the spouses jointly
d)  natural and civil fruits of community property
e)  damages awarded for loss or injury to community things
f) all other property not classified as separate property.

Aside from a duly executed and legal Prenuptial Agreement, these tenants and laws apply.  For more details, call Joe’s Notaries at (985) 870-8896 or Email us at


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